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For over 160 years, Rimini has been in the memories and dreams of generations of holidaymakers. The secret of its success is the friendliness, the hospitality of the places and its inhabitants and an area famous for its 15 km of beach, 230 colorful bathing establishments, amusement parks, but also for its 2000 years of history and a small treasure chest of art.

Here the sea is a way of life, it is the setting of Fellini’s films, it is the myth of summer fun that is renewed every day, it is the magic of the winter mists.

But before all this, Rimini was a coveted and disputed city, capital of a lordship, that of the Malatesta, a crossroads of cultures of which it preserves ancient and precious testimonies.

Discover the surroundings

San Marino
San Marino is a hidden jewel nestled in the hills of central Italy, offering a fascinating mix of history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. Here, ancient castles rise above medieval towns, while narrow cobbled streets lead to breathtaking panoramic views. The Republic of San Marino, the oldest in the world, boasts a rich history reflected in its historical monuments, museums and living traditions. As well as exploring historic sites, San Marino also offers fantastic opportunities for duty-free shopping, a variety of culinary delights and warm hospitality.
There are many reasons why it is worth discovering Santarcangelo: for its strong Romagna identity and the atmosphere of a large village marked by the right pace of life, for its architectural beauty made up of noble palaces, village houses, alleys and small squares which have given it the title of City of Art, for the international events that enliven it no less than the village festivals full of aromas and flavours.
San Leo
San Leo, nestled on the mountain slopes in the heart of Italy, offers a unique experience that mixes history, art and natural beauty. This fascinating medieval village, with its imposing fortress dominating the surrounding landscape, is steeped in a rich history that embraces legendary figures such as Saint Francis of Assisi and Dante Alighieri. Exploring its cobbled streets and historical monuments, you immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere that seems suspended in time.
Gradara is an enchanting medieval village located on the hills of Emilia-Romagna. Through its ancient walls and cobbled alleys, you can breathe the atmosphere of a bygone time, while the majestic remains of Gradara Castle tell stories of love, war and nobility. Visitors can stroll through streets lined with historic buildings and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.
Urbino, a Renaissance jewel located among the rolling hills of the Marche, is a real treasure to explore. This historic city is famous for being the residence of illustrious artists, scientists and writers during the Renaissance, including Raphael and Duke Federico da Montefeltro. Its historic center is a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets that lead to elegant squares and sumptuous palaces, such as the Palazzo Ducale, a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.
Ravenna, a city with ancient roots and an extraordinary cultural heritage, is an essential stop for lovers of art, history and culture. Famous for its Byzantine mosaics, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Ravenna is home to some of the most extraordinary masterpieces of early Christian and Byzantine art, including those present in the Basilica of San Vitale and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia.